TF1 Build

Our TF1 build program began in January 2013. We began with 20+ students from Emerald High School and we only had the Empennage/TailCone kit to start with no real financial support. Progress was slow only due to lack of funding, but we manage to slowly acquire kit by kit. Eventually Alaska Airlines came on board as a sponsor after receiving our 501(c)(3) status and we were able to quickly acquire the remaining components.

Many of the originally students have graduated or moved away. All of the remaining TF1 students will graduate in 2015.

Empennage/Tailcone Kit: Completed
Wing Kit: Completed
Fuselage Kit: Completed
Finishing Kit: Completed
Avionics Kit: Completed
Engine Kit: Completed
Paint: Completed
First Engine Start: May 4th, 2015
First Flight: Soon!!/em>


Northwest Aviation How and Conference 2015

Northwest Aviation How and Conference 2015

IMG_1695 IMG_1694


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October 16, 2015

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