2014-15 Build Program

Our TF2 build program began in September 2013. As of that date, we had not received our 501(c)(3) tax exemptions so we were unable to receive donations for this build project. Fortunately, an individual provided the necessary funds so we could keep the students working. The plane is complete and only lacks the avionics and engine kits which costs @ $50,000.  We currently use this airplane as our show piece that we use for exhibits, shows, etc.  We hope one day to receive the funding to complete this plane.

Update March 2019:  The students have begun a project to analyze the possibility for converting the gas designed RV-12 to electric power. Students have already performed the necessary power requirements for both take-off and cruise and are now researching available electric motor options. They are also calculating the necessary battery capacity to meet their desire goal for length of flight.

It should be noted that this plane would be used as a test bench for future technology in electric flight so long flight endurance it not a requirement.

Empennage/Tailcone Kit: Completed
Wing Kit: Completed
Fuselage Kit: Completed
Finishing Kit: Completed
Avionics Kit: Need funding!
Engine Kit: Need funding!
Paint: Need funding