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2 days ago

TeenFlight Puyallup

TeenFlight Build Update: Monday, Sept 17th 2018

What a night! This was our first build night of the year where both the returning and new students were together to bring the count to 40 students! Wow, this is a record breaking year!

The evening was not as chaotic as I had feared given so many students. We prepared as best we could and things went amazing well considering the size of the group and it being our first night together. We accomplished more than I thought and I have to give lots of credit to our mentors and our returning students for doing such a great job!

I would also like to thank Kendra Ulrich for helping to take pictures so I could focus on training the new students.

Here is the build update:

New student:
New students spent the evening getting an introduction to the tools and techniques. They learned about working with aluminum, edge and hole deburing, fluting, drilling accurate holes, different type of rivets along with pulling some blind rivets. Training will continue this coming Sunday where they will learn machine countersinking and continue riveting with universal solid rivets and both solid and bind flush rivets

Returning Students:
Our 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students split into groups. Some continued to organize the remaining tools along with setting up new toolboxes. Others got back to work on the builds.

TF4 Aircraft:
Our students were ready to pickup where they left off on beginning to fiberglass the canopy skirt only to find that the fiberglass cloth they so carefully cut and stored last year in the fuselage was ruined because it was laying on the control cables that apparently has some kind of oil that was absorbed into the cloth. They spent the evening cutting out new pieces and are ready to lay up the glass this coming Sunday.

Students also worked on completing the service bulletin on both the stabilator and trim tab.

TF6 Aircraft:
The emp/tailcone kit for this airplane was donated to us and the stabilator was already built by the previous kit owner with the help of Synergy. It too needed to have the stabilator and trim tab service bulletins complied with so the students began that process.

We also picked up the fuselage kit for TF6 from Van’s last Friday and have begun inventorying all the parts and getting them ready for the students to start building on. Wings should be ready for pickup in a few weeks.
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5 days ago

TeenFlight Puyallup

First Build Update for our 2018-19 program!!

Our new students and their parents attended the new student orientation meeting at 3pm. They got all all their forms turned in. Their first day will be tomorrow, Monday.

Our returning students spent the evening getting their toolboxes cleaned up and inventoried. We bought more tools this summer so they will get those distributed out as well.

They also got their updated build plans and got a chance to go through them.

We’re still getting the kits inventoried and organized and we still have a little bit of training/re-training to do so we may have a couple more session like this evening before they get building full bore.

Welcome back students and mentors!
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Group of mentors made the 7hr round trip to Van’s Aircraft to pickup our RV-12iS fuselage kit for our TF6 build project.

I would like to thank Rick Henderson, Bill Daniels and Ray Vinup for keeping me company and making it a fun trip!

Yes, we made the usual pit stop at Papa Pete’s Pizza in Ridgefield. 🙂
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2 weeks ago

TeenFlight Puyallup

TeenFlight Puyallup would like to congratulate the following 18 new students who will be joining our returning 23 2nd and 3rd year students for our 2018-19 Build Program. That’s right, we got over 40 students this year!!

This year we will complete and fly our TF4 aircraft and start our TF6 project which is our first Van’s Aircraft new fuel injected RV-12iS aircraft.

Max Johnson
Erik Keath
Kaden Gardner
Gavin Packard
Emilio Ganchorre
Mayzie Lewis
Alex Dorris
Matthew Gardner
Bryce McNeese
Nadia Howe
Camden Roberts
Damon Moore
Nicolas Salischiker
Faith Fullerton
Anthony Tarbox
Nora Tarbox
Alessandra Ortale
Joey Nelson

You guys survived our grueling interview and selection process and left smiling. 😉
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2 weeks ago

TeenFlight Puyallup

We are looking for volunteers to help in the hangar tomorrow at noon to help us get ready for the new year. Students and parents are welcome to help! ... See MoreSee Less

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