The TF3 Build program began in the 2015-16 school year and actual construction started in Oct 2015 and was completed in December 2016.  The plane is now registered and all papaerwork has been filed with the FAA and we are waiting for the FAA DAR to inspect the plane at the end of April 2017.  Test flight will commence soon afterwards.

TF3 will be sold after test flights are completed in order to help fund future builds.  TF3 will be auctioned if not already pre-sold by the time it is completed. Minimum bid will be $85,000, buy it now price is $105,000. Contact Kevin at (253) 906-6674 or if you are interested.

Empennage/Tailcone Kit: Completed!
Wing Kit: Completed!
Fuselage Kit: Completed!
Finishing Kit: Last item, finishing canopy faring
Avionics Kit: Completed
Engine Kit: Completed!
First Electrical Powerup: Completed Oct 28th 2016
First Engine Start: Very: Completed Nov 7th 2016
First Flight: Planned for May 2017
Flight Tests Complete: Planned for EOM May 2017
Aircraft sale: Planned for May-June 2017