2020-21 Build Program

Enrollment Info

*** UPDATE: 06/23/2021: The 2020-21 Program has ended!

Due to the pandemic, we had to stop our 2019-20 build program early and we had a very late start on our 2020-21 program. Due to restrictions on number of students we could have attending a build session at one time, we had to make the tough decision to limit our student base to only returning students and not enroll any new students.

Our TF6 airplane was completed and we are currently waiting for the FAA paperwork to be returned from Oklahoma City and subsequent inspection followed by test flights. We are currently looking for a paint shop and the plane is currently available for pre-sale.


On TF7, the flaperons still remain to be done along with the fiberglass work on the canopy fairing. The fuselage is ready for avionics/engine installation which will be bought once TF6 is sold.

TF7 will be completed by the returning students during the 2021-22 program.

Empennage/Tailcone Kit: Completed
Wing Kit:  90% Completed
Fuselage Kit:  Completed
Finishing Kit: 95% Completed
Avionics Kit: TBD
Engine Kit: TBD
First Electrical Power-up:
First Engine Start:
First Flight:
Flight Tests Complete:
Aircraft sale: