2022-23 Build Program

Enrollment Info

** UPDATED: 11/13/2022:

  Program Notes:

We are finally starting! Better late then never!!

Returning students will have their first build session starting Monday, November 28th and then continue each Sunday/Monday night from 5-7:30pm as usual except for school holidays and closures. Consult our events calendar for details.


For new students interested in enrolling, we are hosting our first New Student Application meeting on December 4th at 3pm at our facility at Pierce County Airport Thun Field. The purpose of this meeting is to provide the student/parent(s) with the information regarding our program and the commitment level we expect from both the student and parent(s). You will also have a chance to tour our facility and see first hand what our students are working on. At the conclusion of the meeting, applications for enrollment for you to take home and complete.

It is mandatory that the parent(s)/Legal Guardian(s) attend with the student.

We have limited slots available for new students so attending this meeting is important because there is no guarantee that we will host another depending on how many applications we have accepted.

What were Building

 We will be working on multiple airplane projects this year to include:

TF7  – Install engine and avionics. Get plane ready for FAA inspection, first flight and subsequent test flight phase.

TF2 conversion – Complete and remaining finish kits components and ready plane for engine and avionics

TF8 – Build the empennage and wings.

TFe – This electric plane project is on hold since the company who was providing the engine/battery and control system has been purchased by another company and is no longer selling these components at this time.  The TFe project was the conversion of one of our gas powered RV-12 ULS aircraft to electric power. We are now considering moving up our schedule on designing and fabricating our own electric powered flying vehicle as this was our end goal anyway.  Stay tuned for future announcements.