2017-18 Build Program

Our 2017-18 Build program had 33 students who helped returning students work on the TF4 project along with starting a RV-9A project belonging to one of our mentors. This was an entirely new type of kit project and certainly was more complicated in both technical skills needed along with much harder to read plans and minimal instructions compared to the RV-12 kit.  Our students adjusted very quickly and we were very pleased at the results. They got the fuselage to almost a canoe stage and the wings are ready for close out. We’ve turned the project back over to the owner and may work on it again in the future.

This was a great project for the students to work on as we waited for the sale of our TF3 aircraft that would provide the funding for our next RV-12.

(Update: Our TF3 aircraft (N403TF) was sold in July 2018 and proceeds for the sale were used to purchase the engine and avionics for our TF4 project along with the entire airframe kit for our TF6 aircraft that will start in the 2018-19 Build Program.)