2018-19 Build Program

Our 2018-19 Program is full with 40 students. 

We are building our 5th Van’s Aircraft RV-12, but this time it will be their newly introduced RV-12iS model with the updated fuselage and electronic fuel injection.

Engine and avionics will be purchased from the sale of our TF4 aircraft in summer 2019.

For any questions, feel free to contact Kevin at (253) 906-66784 or kevinb@teenflight.org.

Empennage/Tailcone Kit: Completed
Wing Kit:  Flaperons abd wing skeleton completed. Currently wiring and prepping wing skins
Fuselage Kit:  All sub-assemblies completed. Installing upper firewall structure.
Finishing Kit: Wheel assembly completed.
Avionics Kit: TBD
Engine Kit: TBD
First Electrical Power-up:
First Engine Start:
First Flight:
Flight Tests Complete:
Aircraft sale: