2018-19 Build Program

Enrollment Info

We will begin holding Open House events to give out applications on May 20th and several dates in June 2018. The TF5 program will begin in September 2018 and end in June 2019. We will be selecting up to 20 new students to work with our returning students.

We will be building our fifth Van’s Aircraft RV-12, but this time it will be their newly introduced RV-12iS model that has an updated fuselage and fuel injection.

For any questions, feel free to contact Kevin at (253) 906-66784 or kevinb@teenflight.org.

Empennage/Tailcone Kit: Received!
Wing Kit:  Order pending July 2018
Fuselage Kit:  Order pending July 2018 
Finishing Kit: Order pending July 2018
Avionics Kit: Order pending July 2018
Engine Kit: Pending…
First Electrical Power-up:
First Engine Start:
First Flight:
Flight Tests Complete:
Aircraft sale: