2016-17 Build Program

The TF4 Build program was started during the 2016-17 school year and the students completed the Emp/Tailcone, wings and majority of the forward fuselage section.

We had 14 of the 2016-17 students return for our 2017-18 program. Some of them worked on completing the TF4 fuselage kit while the rest served as student mentors to the 21 new students who joined. Since we didn’t have all the funds to begin our TF5 project, our students started working on a RV-9A project that was owned by one of our mentors.  This was a great challenge to both our students and mentors as the build instructions are very inferior to the RV-12 plans and there was a lot of off-plan customization that was being done. However, it was a great experience to the students as they got plenty of practice using a rivet gun and bucking bar along with loosing a little hair due to all the head scratching that was required to understand the plans along with how to incorporate all the modifications being applied.

At the end of the 2017-18 build year, all that remains to be completed on the TF4 is to layup the fiberglass for the front canopy fairing and install the engine and avionics. Funding for the engine/avionics will come from the sale of our TF3 aircraft.

Update: Aug 2018. TF3 was sold and proceeds were used to purchase avionics and engine for TF4 and airframe kit for TF6

The TF4 aircraft will be sold once completed to help fund our build program.

For any questions, feel free to contact Kevin at (253) 906-6674 or kevinb@teenflight.org.

Empennage/Tailcone Kit: Received 10/28/16…Completed Jan 2017
Wing Kit:  Received Feb 2017…Completed June 2017
Fuselage Kit:  Received – 11/28/16…Completed Dec 2017
Finishing Kit: Received – 11/28/16…Completed Dec 2018
Avionics Kit: Received – 9/7/18…Completed Dec 2018
Engine Kit: Received – 9/7/18…Completed Mar 2019
First Electrical Power-up:  April 28th 2019
First Engine Start: April 28th 2019
First Flight: Completed Sept 2019
Flight Tests Complete: Completed
Aircraft sale: SOLD! – March 2020