High School students build and fly an aircraft!


**UPDATE 03/02/2024: New Student Applications for 2024-25 Program will be available in April and will be provided only at New Students Registration events to be scheduled starting in April. Stay tuned for these events and watch our calendar on our Events tab.

The Program
Provide an experience that opens a young person’s mind to new horizons whether in terms of personal achievement or career aspirations in aviation and aerospace sciences.
The TeenFlight Puyallup program is a 2+ year program designed to teach high-school level kids the vocational skills necessary to construct, maintain and fly the aircraft they built along with directly exposing the students to the various career opportunities through field trips, job shadowing and internships.

Student Benefits:

  • Learn to work as a team and develop leadership skills
  • Learn a variety of vocational skills:
    • Metal fabrication
    • Electronics/Avionics
    • Reciprocating engines
    • Understanding technical drawings and instructions
    • Public speaking and presentation skills
  • Earn a Sport Pilot certificate
  • Job shadowing & internship opportunities
  • Potential credits for high school and higher education
  • Students become better candidates for prospective employers
Year One

Build Plane (Sept – Aug)

Students will work approximately 200+ hours in the first year building the aircraft and participating in the flight-test phase. The students will also display their aircraft throughout the year at a variety of events and venues to show their accomplishments, help promote the program and to serve as outreach to other youths.

Year Two

Flight Training and Job Shadowing

The second year of the program is primarily focused on flight training, aircraft maintenance and inspection, developing leadership through participation in mentoring first year students and exploring career opportunities through additional field trips and jab shadowing.

Hands On

100% Student Made

Completed Airplanes

Airplanes in Progress

Students per year

Instructing students using hands-on training in the technical skills, teamwork and leadership that is necessary in team building a Light Sport aircraft from start to finish.
Providing opportunities for the students to earn high school and college credits for participating in the program.
Providing students with job shadowing and internship opportunities.
Work with businesses to provide scholarship and grant opportunities for students entering aviation and aerospace career studies.

Non - Profit

Washington State based non-profit organization operating as a public charity providing educational services to high school aged students. TeenFlight Puyallup has been granted 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status by the IRS.

Free Program!

No costs or Fees


Briefings & Guest Speakers

Application Process


2019-20 Program Sponsors

TeenFlight Puyallup would not be able to provide the program we do to so many kids without the generous support from individuals and Organizations. TeenFlight would like to thank the following Organizations who support our program by either directly funding our programs, donating product and/or services or making contributions based upon their employees volunteer hours within TeenFlight.

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